Water Towers

Australian Technology Park - Heritage site

Australian Technology Park has a unique integration of heritage architecture, new premium commercial space and state-of-the-art conferencing facilities. 

Australian Technology Park is one of the nation’s pre-eminent technology and business precincts that is highly motivated in the preservation of the sites heritage listed surfaces.

Craftwork PM has undertaken over 22 different painting and lead removal programs over the past 4 years.  Works to the site included surface preparations and protective coatings paint application to the heritage listed internal and external surfaces.

Major program of works included:

  1. Bays 1 – 16 Northern & Southern Elevation Externals
  2. Water Tanks outside Bay 4
  3. Plaza Elevation External Surfaces
  4. Air Receiver Tank Surfaces
  5. IBC Building Fire Damaged External Surfaces
  6. Water Tower Tank & Structural Steelwork
  7. 3801 Train Carriage External Surfaces
  8. Annex House Exterior Surfaces

Specialised power tools and surface preparation equipment where utilised to ensure the heritage listed steel, timber and masonry surfaces where adequately prepared for painting but not damaged during the process. All nominated surfaces received Protective Coating materials to ensure longevity of the paint system and maximize the life span of the heritage listed surfaces. All paint systems where applied within the strict guidelines of the manufacturers written recommendations.    

Various works also included new fit-out office area internal surfaces to keep up with the high trafficked areas and maintain a high quality paint finish. 

During the program Craftwork utilized specialized mechanical access equipment to reach the higher surfaces in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act.  The Painters undertook the works during normal business hours so reflective bollards and signage where erected around the work area to emphasize duty of care and minimize disruption to pedestrians and staff routines.