North Rocks Car Park

North Rocks Shopping Centre Basement Car Park Upgrade Program


Surface preparations, masking and “Semi-Gloss” spray & roller application painting to the previously painted concrete car park ceilings, concrete columns, bulkheads & associated conduit only via airless spray equipment in “Lexicon ¼” including “Feature Colour” paint applications to the new Supergraphics background concrete & block brick car park perimeter walls in “Helsinki Flame”.

Installations of  “Acrathane IF” clear anti-graffiti coating over the newly painted perimeter walls and new Supergraphics SHOPS signage with directional arrows, text & Disabled symbol to the selected feature colour perimeter walls in “Semi-Gloss”

Installations of new column mounted aisle identification numbers and SHOPS signage with directional arrows to the selected concrete column faces over new feature colour banding

Sanding preparations, primer coat & “Gloss” top coat paint applications to the steel service pipe guards, service doors & frames (external faces)

Specific Items

In addition to the painting program the following items were also actioned:

  • Mechanical sweeping & cleaning to the car park floor surfaces where required after “High Pressure Cleaning” & “Spray Application” painting. Built up spray dust and water on concrete floors is a slip hazard to customers & staff and must be removed prior to each day’s trade.
  • Light fixtures/sprinkler pipe heads and all other surfaces not to be painted will be adequately masked prior to painting.
  • Airless spray application equipment.
  • After hours programming to all nominated surfaces where required.
  • Eco Paint Wash-Out Portable Bins. Used to wash brushes and rollers in an Environmentally friendly manner
  • Minimal disruption to shopping centre customers & staff.
  • Filling of superficial cracks and other repairs as required for a consistent, uniform and sound surface for painting.
  • All safety signage and barriers around work area for customer, staff and property protection.
  • Drop sheets provided for the protection of your property such that areas will be left clean and tidy on completion.